About American Sikh Forum

The American Sikh Forum was founded on the principles of interfaith dialog, understanding and education to promote harmony, justice and freedom for all faiths.  Humanity continues to face every increasing global crises and tragedies, which require partnering with faith based organizations and faith leaders to provide relief, comfort and guidance in times of need.  

The American Sikh Forum endeavors to create strong bonds with all of the global faiths to extend a helping hand to the global community in their greatest hours of need and be a shoulder to lean on when support is least available.

Our Purpose



To identify the needs of the community and provide appropriate resources to enhance their well-being, be they spiritual, social, educational, health or otherwise.



To Provide the community with visibility of our advocacy activities through social media, print or other media so they know where to look for answers if they have a problem or issue.



To partner with organizations on local, national and international levels which can provide benefit the community.



To make communities we serve empowered and confident to take lead on issues important to them, feel like an integral part of society, give back to their community, and empower others to become active members of society.


Advisory Board

Dr. Arvinder Singh

Founder and Director Of American Sikh Forum. Private practice In Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY since 2001. Inter-religious and interfaith relations.

Dr. Kiranjit Kaur

Advisor to American Sikh Form on Medical Issues. Working for humanitarian issues in Punjab, India.  Board certified internal medicine with specialization in Geriatric Medicine. Medical Director of Landmark Inc. 

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur 

Advisor to American Sikh Forum  in inter-religious, interfaith relations.  Former IT Consultant  and currently working in the education industry and involved in various youth community service initiatives.

Mr. Manvinder Singh

Advisor to American Sikh Forum  in inter-religious, interfaith relations.  Practicing pharmacist since 2004.